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Comment: Desperately Needing Help

Rosa2 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Aidpage of Rosa2"

Hi, I am looking for someone or anyone who will be willing to help contribute to help me come up with my rent. I am two months behind on my rent, I fell behind, because my husband who was the sole provider was sent off to prison for two-five years, hanging with the wrong crowd. So I'm left with raising our three children on my own, there was four, but saddly to say one the six year old, just recently passed away, her body rejected the bone barrow transplant, she fought a long and hard fight, but her little body just couldn't take anymore. My heart his broken into many little bitty pieces over the lost of my daughter, but I have to try to be strong for my other children who so desprately needs me. I have tried to maintain the house hold the best that I can on my income, but when my baby had to go have the transplant, it caused me to be out of work while she was hospitalized. My Church did come together an donate enough money to cover the hospital bills, and the funeral which was a substancial amount of money. I don't feel I can go to them to also cover my rent, they have gone above and beyond already. So I am asking if anyone will find it in thier heart to help me pay my rent, I have already recieved the eviction notice, however, if I come up with all monies owed before this is turned over to the sheriffs office, they will stop the eviction. All I need is $830.00, which includes all late charges, the total was $1,760, but I manage to work a little over time to come up with $800.00. If anyone is able to help, I will pay every dime of the money back, I will work overtime to make sure this money that is loaned to me is paid back in full, and to keep myself ahead, I don't want to fall back in this situation again. Please anyone help! I don't want me and my three children to be evicted, and left homeless on the streets. I also was given a job offer, so if hired, I will be able to maintain my rent, and the essencial everyday living expenses, but I just need a little help now, I do not have much longer to come up with this money, so time is of the essence! So if any one is willing and able, please respond immediately. To all of you who do reply, and are able to help, I give you my heartfelt thanks ahead of time, and GOD BLESS YOU!!
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Dear sshea1, Thank you also very much for your concern, and caring! I really appriciate you responding to my situation. This really means alot to me. Thank you for the links you have provided, I will look into them. God Bless You!

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Hello, Try the links below. The two organizations have limits on the payment they can do but you can still look for help there as well as posting here. Also try local churches as well as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Catholic Charities. I have several web links posted on my members page for viewing. GOD BLESS SSHEA1
Catholic Charities
Qambio another site to post on
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